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Our Promises

To treat animals with respect and dignity

We’ve chosen to use materials of animal origin – such as wool, down and leather – when no synthetic, man-made material can be used to offer the same functionality. But this doesn’t mean we support the mistreatment of animals or methods that hurt or cause undue suffering – quite the contrary.

Through our Code of Conduct, our suppliers must ensure their animals are treated humanely and we’re working hard to ensure full traceability in all our animal-product supply chains. We’ve already achieved this with our down, now we’re setting our sights on wool and leather.


"No live plucking, no force feeding, no mulesing"

Fully traceable, high-quality down – no compromises

Fully traceable down has been the reality at Fjällräven since 2014. With our Down Promise you can rest assured that when you purchase a down product from us no birds were harmed – this means no live plucking; we know exactly where the down comes from and that it’s of the highest quality. And because our down is a by-product of the food industry, we’re working to reduce waste too. 

Through our Down Promise we’ve established a production chain with strict and repeated controls of all suppliers and sub-contractors. Today we have one of the outdoor industry’s most transparent down product chains and our Down Promise is currently regarded as the best in the industry by Four Paws. The birds’ wellbeing is our top priority, followed closely by the high quality of the down.

You can read more about how our Down Promise came about on our, blog.

Want to know more? Download the Fjällräven Animal Wellfare Policy.

A mulesing-free journey towards traceability

We’ve had fully traceable, ethically-sourced down in our products since 2014. In 2015 we started looking into how we could achieve traceability and better ethics in our wool chain too. Due to the way wool is commonly traded, it’s been extremely difficult to develop a fully-traceable global wool supply chain. But things are changing. As with any challenge we undertake, progress comes in the form of two steps forward, one step back – progress is slow. But we’re moving in the right direction. And we’re learning. Our Swedish Wool Pilot Project has given us hands-on experience working with the entire wool supply chain, all the way down to farm level. Furthermore, our recent collaboration with farms in New Zealand means we now offer traceable wool in our latest collection of base layers. 

On the ethics side we’ve made more progress. All our wool is mulesling-free.  This painful method of fly prevention isn’t inline with our animal welfare standards. So we don’t work with farms still using this method.

The trail continues to stretch out, long and undulating, in front of us. The path isn’t straightforward; but we will continue to learn and improve.

Controlled tanning without compromising on quality

Leather is a tough, durable material that ages beautifully and this is why we’ve chosen to use it to make our logo and some of our products. However, the tanning process – used to make the leather more durable – uses a lot of water, chemicals and energy. So we’re looking at ways to reduce the use of these resources, while at the same time maintaining superior leather quality.

So far most of our tanneries are certified to ‘Gold Standard’ according to the Leather Working Group, and we have a selection of vegetable-tanned accessories and hunting products. But the journey continues. It won’t be easy. However, we are committed to constantly improving. That is our promise to you.