Fjällräven Warranty Policy

Fjällräven strives to produce high quality, functional and stylish products. Fjällräven provides a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY to the original purchaser against manufacturing defects, and does not included accidental damage, as defined below. The warranty policy below is not valid on products purchased used from consumer driven sites. 


The following variables are considered to be manufacturing defects and are covered under the Fjällräven Limited Lifetime Warranty;

  • Split seams
  • Snaps and/or buttons that have fallen, or are tearing off
  • Broken zippers
  • Broken buckles


The following variables are considered accidental damage control also known as normal wear and tear and are not covered under the Fjällräven Limited Lifetime  Warranty;

  • Stains
  • Fading and/or discoloration due to improper care, waxing, and/or excessive sun exposure
  • Melted zippers, fabric, and/or faux fur
  • Rips, tears, and/or cuts
  • Fabric abrasion
  • Fabric pilling 

Fjällräven has the authority to determine that if the cost of the repair exceeds a reasonable amount a replacement product will be issued in lieu of a repair. We do not perform non-warranty related repairs or alterations. If your garment has a manufacturing defect please contact to obtain a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number. The average turnaround time for a repair is approximately three to four weeks. In order to adhere to government regulations all items are required to be cleaned prior to being returned for repair.

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