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Introducing Mountaineering: The Fjällräven way

There is a certain wildness and wonder about the mountains that leave you spellbound and humbled. Trekking among them, at higher altitudes, in precarious conditions, one must earn their place in this realm. But in one way or another, the mountains change you. We used to have a saying for it in Swedish, a saying now seldom used. This sensation one feels above the tree line is called: Bergtagen. Indeed, beyond the tree line where little life exists, you will enter another world. A world with paths forged through snow, trails along towering ridgelines, and views seldom seen by most earthbound hikers. On the following pages, we present Bergtagen, our new range that is a system of layers designed specifically for mountaineering. Built on equal parts tradition and innovation, Bergtagen combines functionality, durability, quality and sustainability. Fjallraven was born in Ornskoldsvik in the north of Sweden. In other words: We were raised by the mountainside. With Bergtagen we want to take you above the tree line to enjoy life with us, to keep the cold out, to trap the warmth in and to be outdoors longer in extraordinarily wild places.