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I suppose an introduction is in order.  First, I am Stony, and in conjunction with my brother Krik, we are Black Owl Outdoors.  We are located just outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania next to the majestic Susquehanna Water Gap and the lush rolling hills of the surrounding Appalachian Mountains.  We spent the better part of our childhood exploring the hemlock hollows and bubbling mountain streams of the region.  The quietude coupled with the never ending sense of adventure appealed to our senses, namely our curiosity.  Fast forward to 2012, the year of Black Owl Outdoors inception, and I found myself and Krik back in Pennsylvania after he spent the previous years working for the Forest Service and doing conservation work in the western United States.



After an incredible road trip from Arizona back to Pennsylvania, over half of which I accompanied Krik; we saw the bugling elk in Estes Park, the geysers in Yellowstone, the rugged Tetons in Wyoming and spent nights camped next to the meandering North Platte River. Both of us were moved by the trip to such an extent we wanted to commit to being outside on a regular basis, and quite possibly, inspiring others to do so as well.


Inspired by the likes of Ray Mears, Les Stroud, and the other laid-back ambassadors of the outdoors, we started filming videos and capturing photography of us being in nature.  As our journey progressed we found our desire to learn more about the natural world grew in line with our desire to find the best gear possible.  There is an age old adage that states "there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear" or something to that effect.  We find having the proper gear allows us to be outside in more dynamic conditions and enjoy them all equally, which is actually what attracted us to Fjallraven.


In the United States there are three types of outdoor apparel/schools.  Now these will be wide strokes for brevity's sake, but it goes like this.  There is the military school, the hunters, and the backpackers.  The first two schools wear almost exclusively camo while the third is almost entirely bright neon colors.  The military school is concerned with ruggedness and camouflage, as it should be, but does not concern itself with weight or comfort.  The hunters love their comfort, convenience and camo.  The backpackers love their comfort, bright colors and light weight.  In the North American market you would be hard pressed to find a rugged earth tone jacket or backpack that isn't decked out with molle and velcro patches.


Which brings us to Fjallraven.  We love the range of outdoor gear Fjallraven provides with their attention to detail and the abundant use of earth tones and rugged material.  We finally have a company in the US market that is a blend of all three "schools" of outdoor apparel.  We are excited to see what Fjallraven will bring to the market and offer some variety.  I can guarantee both Kirk and I will be checking out much more Fjallraven gear in our future adventures, and subsequent video and photography.

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- stony

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