The best outdoor fabric on the market

A Fjällräven original, G-1000® fabric is tightly woven, hard-tested and quick-to-dry, providing excellent ventilation, top-grade wind and water resistance, and remarkable durability across the globe, indoors and out.

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Fjell Jacket

Greenland Wax

A proven recipe

Handmade by a small family in Sweden, Greenland Wax adapts G-1000® garments to specific weather and activity needs. More wax improves resistance and increases durability. Less wax and garments become cooler and more breathable. To remove wax, wash garments in a washing machine at 40°C.

Rub Greenland Wax block into garment wherever greater resistance is needed. Apply generously.

Using a hair dryer, iron or dryer, heat the garment until the wax melts and sinks into the fabric.

Greenland Wax

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Durable and Adaptable

Often the best choice

“I have used G-1000® clothing and equipment for many years in different environments all over the world. What I appreciate most is its well-rounded durability. If you haven’t put G-1000® to the test, I recommend you do so.”

– Johan Skullman, Equipment Expert

Exploration is the father of invention.

After a Swedish climbing expedition to Greenland in 1966, Fjällräven’s founder, Åke Nordin, was determined to create better a better selection of outdoor clothing. Using a durable fabric too heavy for the lightweight tents of the time and a paraffin beeswax mixture for added resilience, G-1000® was born and has protected adventurers ever since.

  • hard wearing
  • windproof
  • adaptable
  • breathability
  • mosquito safe
  • uv protection
  • water resistant

The Numbers Series

A Timeless Tradition

In the early days of Fjällräven each product was given a number based on how many predecessors it had. Today, our Numbers Series reawakens this tradition.

While maintaining a clear aesthetic connection to the first frame backpack that Fjällräven founder Åke Nordin hammered together as a young boy, the bags in the Number Series feature laptop pockets and other evolving amenities to meet the needs of modern users around the world.

G-1000® Bags

Rucksack No. 21 Medium

Heavy Duty

Heavier version of G-1000® fabric improves durability

Leather Details

Add sturdiness and style

Exterior Pockets

Easily store quick-grab items

Laptop Pocket

Padding prevents scratches

Bottle Pocket

Inside design keeps liquids insulated and upright

Snow Lock

Drawstring under-lid lock improves water-resistance

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Greenland Jacket

A cherished favorite since 1968

The grandfather of all outdoor jackets, the Greenland Jacket became an immediate favorite after its introduction in 1968. Climbers love the practical garment for its wind and water resistance, for its hood that follows the movements of the head, and for its convenient chest pockets that can be reached even when wearing a climbing harness.

Greenland Jacket

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Abisko Trousers

Technical trekking trousers

Combining stretch and G-1000® fabrics for high mobility and durability, Abisko Trousers are perfect for hilly treks or climbing when nothing should hinder your movement. The rear and knees are pre-shaped for the best possible fit, the waist is lower in the font and higher in the back to wear comfortably when carrying a backpack, and the raw length is easily adjusted to your height.

Abisko Trousers

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Lined Shirt No. 1

Style and Versatility

Made with wind and water resistant G-1000® Eco and a warm wool blend lining, this timeless shirt jacket can be worn both for trekking and everyday activities. The exterior fabric can be waxed for added defense against wind and rain, push button closures allow for easier adjustability, and the buttoned slits at the back hem permit extra mobility when needed.

Lined Shirt No. 1

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