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We caught up with adventure photographer & Fjällräven ambassador Fudo Jahic for a short Q&A to get to know him a little bit better and see what drives #thejourney for him:


Where are you from?

I am based out of Boise, Idaho.

 What is your favorite thing to do outside?

My favorite outdoor activity would be hiking up a mountain, I love the physical challenge of it, I love it when I reach the peak and finally see the awesome view!


 What made you want to become an adventure photographer? 

Your photos can make people happy, they can make people sad. With images I can make people stop and think. Just a glance at the powerful image can stop people in their tracks. Some images can change the way you view the world for the rest of your life, so in a way, I can emotionally touch peoples lives, and that's one reason I love adventure photography.


 Favorite Photo Gear?

I shoot with Nikon D7100, and iPhone most of the time. I hope one day I can get my self a full-frame and capture more details then usual. 
Where was your Fjällräven photo series taken?
I chose a little lake not far outside where I live, very cold at the time, and i figured the gear would keep me warm also the vibe of it reminded me of some parts of Sweden. 
Plans for your next adventure?
My next adventure will happen as soon as I recover from my injury. I will be on the road across the country. But my first stop would have to be Tetons National Park. And with Fjällräven gear I'm not afraid to go far into the wilderness. 
Catch up with Fudo and his partner Tony Andrew (who took these amazing photos of Fudo) at  


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